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Stuff People Say About Amber


"Amber is one of the best communicators, straight forward, adaptive trainers I have come across."


"Thank you for inviting me to share your day today, Amber. You are an amazing keynote speaker and you offer others layer upon layer of amazing advice and skills. So happy to be working with you."


"Very grounding and really charged my batteries."


"I thought Amber was fabulous."

"Thank you it was brilliant."


“Amber is a dynamic and experienced consultant and facilitator, with whom I have had the privilege to work with on several occasions in recent years. Amber's skills are many; she is a superb facilitator, an honest and incisive consultant, a highly effective business and life coach and a successful entrepreneur. Should the chance present to work with Amber again, I would seize it immediately. I can only recommend Amber in the highest possible terms.”


“Amber helped to inform cultural change and develop a high performing team. This included working with individuals and teams while guiding management to recognise and unlock the potential of the team.”


“Amber is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, she is always bursting with energy and always has a new idea on how to 'take something to the next level'.  I started training with Amber, she truly tailors the course to relate to you which is what has made me gain so much out of it. Amber is a savvy business woman who I would turn to for advice and will definitely keep in touch with. I truly admire and look up to her - a true inspiration!”


“Amber has inspired me and continues to do so every time I work with her. Her enthusiasm and extraordinary zeal with everything she does, leaves an indelible footprint on all her projects. Amber has an amazing depth of knowledge and is an incredible and passionate trainer and teacher. I would recommend Amber without hesitation; she displays unwavering integrity, creativity and foresight. I look forward to working with her in the future.”


"Thanks again for providing a comprehensive and innovative training course that enabled me to see how I can continue to learn and grow within my career."


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for a fantastic, empowering afternoon. Professionally and personally it was very uplifting and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done and hope one day our paths will cross again."


"Just wanted to say thanks for the couple of days last week. It was great to freely discuss a range of ideas and I certainly came away with some interesting ideas and new concepts.  It was a very interesting and worthwhile experience."


"Working with Amber as a trainer, coach and mentor, it didn't take long to identify that she knows more about me than I do! She has an understanding of how I think, easily perceives what I'm feeling and generally how I will react to most situations.  She is engaging, with a warm, generous heart and a witty sense of humour. Her ability to identify with every kind of person creates a unique sense of comfort and ease for those around her."


"Amber is a truly great and gifted person....she has and exhibits all of the attributes that go into being successful in whatever she is involved in. She is a warm and compassionate person, she is both funny and articulate and I always found that she is a pleasure to be around. She works extremely hard to over achieve and she would make a valuable contribution to any organisation, group or team that values its people."


"I have been trying to find exactly the right words to cover how meaningful, relevant, amazing and unique the session together was but I finally gave up on waiting to produce the perfect response and decided to email you.  Maybe thank you sums it up for now. But as the days passed this week, and work got so busy and the time out from training seemed a world away, many of the issues and situations we covered are still coming back to me. I feel privileged to have had the session with you."


"Thank you. All the information is sinking in and I can already notice a difference in my approach to everything!"


"I had an awesome and life changing experience! Met lovely people, all so different and strong, bright, intelligent and so inspiring...thank you once again, you are simply awesome!"


"Amber is AMAZING!! Trainer SPECTACULAR! To become better at who you are in what you do, it is essential to understand how to self analyse and then build from it. The tools Amber provided were so valuable and clear, walked away feeling inspired and energised!"

"Perfect and aligned to my values"


"Amber knows exactly how to pace her courses to suit all participants"


"Thank you, your course surpasses all expectations, and I leave here not only professionally empowered but personally empowered"


“Fantastic - I would definitely sign up for another course if she was the trainer - uplifting and most informative on ways for us all to achieve success.”


“What an amazing lady !!!! LOVED every minute of it. I would be happy to sit all day and listen to Amber.”

"The workshop is an experience I will remember. No matter what stage of your journey you are on, you will gain insights from your peers and be challenged by your facilitator. I came away from the 2 days feeling rejuvenated and inspired to continue my amazing career. The depth of the tool kit you take away is as much as you desire."


"Fluid and open to conversational changes, while still getting through content.  Intermingling through breaks is a great way to forge connections and adds value to the content.  Perfect for self awareness, increasing self belief/confidence and understanding business acumen."


"Flowed evenly and never felt overwhelmed.  There was time left to reflect and review the day.  Loved how every tied together and all clicked into place."


"Very good pace was kept.  I was alert and interested at all times.  I learnt a lot.  Very interesting and I am eager to try my new skills and knowledge."


"I didn’t want to leave.  Great flow.  I have learnt so much."


"I thought it was really well paced.  We all had time to share, contribute and discuss, while taking in a lot of insights.  There is time to get to know each other and time to absorb and then time to revisit and question.  This will allow me to progress in my relationships in and out of work.  This has opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities available to me in my life.  I am feeling inspired and encouraged about my future.  I can’t wait to start achieving my goals and I am now getting that tingly feeling when I realise what I am capable of.  Thank you for this experience.  I feel really privileged to have been here."


"Structure of the whole program was well paced and engaging."


"Great to have the workbook and lots of interaction.  I now have a clear understanding on my direction and implementation of what matters to me and my work environment."


"Great learning experience.  I am excited to get back to work and demonstrate what I have learned.  I have a new outlook on work and life."


"Very valuable!  You don’t learn this stuff at uni or school.  This is about business relationships and how to manage those and be present."


"Perfect amount of time dedicated to each topic and involved us, with no distractions or anything drawn out.  Everything was completely relevant and showed me very practical ways of how to add more value."


"So interesting and rewarding.  You can use this, even in our every day life."


"I feel more assertive and confident that I can make a better contribution.  I am going to speak up more and not be afraid to ask a question."


"I enjoyed the open forum structure.  I got involved more than I thought I would.  This is great.  I will take a new outlook on the way I do things."