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Considered the Gold Standard 
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Develop High Performance Self-Managing Teams.


Gold is rare, precious and costly.
So are you and your staff.
Treat your Teams like Gold and their Performance will be Extraordinary, Remarkable and you will become
The Gold Standard in your Industry.

Amber Swinney specialises in Human Resource Consulting, Career Development Coaching, Personal & Professional Mentoring, dedicating herself to helping people create their goals in business and life . This is considered the gold standard. Let’s Get Engaged, Empowered and Inspired with Amber and make you the Gold Standard in your chosen field of excellence. You can choose to focus on your career , business or personal development. Generally people find they end up working on all 3 key aspects. Amber's unique human behaviourist skills in personal mentoring and coaching reach the true essence of you as an individual or in your business, perhaps a facelift in your current role or starting fresh. Amber is your go to expert. 




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