Influenced, supported and inspired by the strength of the following people in my life.

My parents Wayne and Christina who always said I could be anything I put my mind to and my husband for letting me vent and have my ups and downs while I wrote this book. I owe you a great deal and luckily, we all have a healthy sense of humour.

To my Uncle John and Aunty Cheryl, Kevin and Brigid, Maryanne and Alan. Without your ongoing encouragement and love there would be no Go for Gold.

The fire in my belly was smouldering for years and then I met Katrena Friel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your advice and assistance.

To all my real friends and family that believed in me and my passion for my chosen field, thank you.

For me, I truly believe that I belong to the best profession in the universe, I am elated to deliver my first book to the industry. It is only the start.

To our yesterdays, today and our tomorrows. Let us all thrive.

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